Enrich you images and streams with meta-data of relevance to your business

Cutting Edge Research in our Labs

depthen is not standing still. Here is a sneak peak of tools from our short-term roadmap. They will be relased through our API offering.

Test Demo

Advanced Features and Challenges from the Labs

Seaching by Drawing

When we were researchers at the University, we have been working hard on inventing new ways for searching content, through visual means and browser, but also through alternate mode for querying. Of course, it's important and possible to search by keywords or by similarity through later search. But we are proud to also power "search by drawing". This feature has been deployed in several venues, and we are now productizing it to offer it to a wider audience through our cloud platform.

Generation and Enhancement

Computation crativity tools using AI will offer new means for people and machine to interact and produce new ideas, aesthetics and content. We research on photorealistic picture generation and manipulation. We don't plan to replace the photographer by a machine anytime soon, but are developing techniques that will enhance photographic content, enabling archives to do more with their heritage catalogs. We plan to offer increased image resolution and recolorization functions through our cloud platform.


Images and words

Text within images is also quite frequent. Optical character recognition gets you that important information, further enriching the reach to more diverse visual content.

Solving Culture

Novel AI can do remarkable things. But it can also go wrong sometimes. Cultural bias is one such example. We want to fix that. We are working with people with various backgrounds and a technology platform that enable continuous improvement of our computational models for visual understanding.