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Visual Understanding Features

Waste no time, concentrate on your business : we organize and enrich your media content and meta-data to help you deliver more value to your customers

Image Wood; Flower; Floristry; Green; Furniture; Art; Blue; Home; Spring; Yellow; Plant; Flower Arranging; Interior design; House; Garden; Design

Multi-facetted tagging and classification

A picture is worth a thousand words! Our API provides a comprehensive set of perspectives on visual content. Ranging from global infromation characterizing the place in which the picture has been taken as well as the context of use where it could be relevant, up to more specific descriptions of objects and people, the tags generated by our algorithms will cover various requirements

Gender Male
Age 28
Neutral 100.0
Happiness 17.5
Sadness 7.6
Surprise 44.5
Fear 50.5
Disgust 1.1
Anger 25.2
Contempt 0.7
None 22.8
Uncertain 51.0
Gender Male
Age 19
Neutral 100.0
Happiness 63.6
Sadness 11.3
Surprise 4.4
Fear 2.9
Disgust 2.0
Anger 12.4
Contempt 0.8
None 10.3
Uncertain 18.1

About People

People are a central subjet matter in visual content, and they need special care. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive description of people ranging from demographic attributes, to choosen appearance and style, and encompassing interactions and emotions and ... their identity.

Editorial, news and information sector

We are bringing together sets of features that will match several verticals. In particular, we explore collaborations with the editorial and news sectors including television broadcast, print media, archives and cultural heritage.


Utilities for the creative needs

Our main product also focuses on creative photography needs. As such, understanding the picture content, objects, and people is not enough. Customers also care about matching colors, finding pictures with ample copy space that can be use to overlay text, shot types or photo techniques, and last but not least picture quality. Generating thumbnails or adapting the picture to smaller screens can be done thanks to our "smart framing" feature, with both visual content and textual context maintained.

Artificial Intelligence Now !

Index you media repositories

Cognitive capabilities makes your content more discoverable, in several languages

Reduce upfront costs in content preparation, selection, curation and monetization

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Advanced Features

We are the solution if you need machine intelligence in your service or app

Multilingual by Design, Wider Reach

We provide results in multiple languages. Our technology disambiguates the translations thanks to the visual content.

More dense, more rich, more facets and attibutes

A picture is worth a throusand words! Our API provides a comprehensive set of perspectives on visual content. It's more dense, looking at different image regions, more rich thanks to a comprehensive set of concepts.

More Markets, More Value

Your content will become more discoverable thanks to more accurate and comprehensive descriptions, all of this in multiple languages, increasing its value on the market.


Both personal and financial data, as well as picture content and API replies are using the latest secure transactions protocols on private or public clouds.

Cloud means no hassle

We provide a high-available cloud offering that you can query for computer vision capabilites without incurring any installation nor maintenance costs.

On-premise end-to-end Solution

Besides cloud, we also supply on-premise integration with your local equipment and software to make sure you can fullfill with both real-time achievements and privacy together with a high level of added value.

Developer friendly Web API

If you are a developer, our web API is straightforward to use, and we provide wrappers for different programming language.

Easy setup

Going live in three simple steps: choosing a pricing plan that fits your usage volume, registering and entering you payement and billing details, making API call using the credentials you will find in you personal dashboard.

Scalable and flexible

Should you need to accommodate a smaller volume, you can downgrade to a cheaper plan. Growing? Then provision for more calls with a single click in your dashboard.

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Meet the team


Stéphane Dupont

20 years of research and innovation management in IT and artificial intelligence systems and algorithms. Expert in research funding and management. Passionate about designing software that really works for processing sound and imagery.


Omar Seddati

5 years of innovation on algorithmic methods for understanding images, and bridging the gap between human and big data content using AI technologies. Mastery of a full stack of IT technologies, from algorithmics to interfaces and deployment.

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